LA's Best program is a LAUSD on-site program that is free. LA's Best is a Beyond the Bell program to help parents who can't be at school until the workday is done. For kids in K-5th grades. This program requires students to stay until 6:00 PM. Find out more information here or contact our main office.


Youth Services Program is also onsite and free. It’s an after-school program for 2nd-5th graders. Basically, its like an elongated recess after school, where an adult supervises, but the kids are free to create their own games. You can pick up your child anytime you want, up until 6:00 PM. For more information, contact our main office.


Enrichment Educational Experiences "E3" is a private on-site program that has a fee. The program is designed for K-5th grade to explore a variety of hands-on monthly experiences and activities resulting in creativity, exploration, and discovery. You may pick up your child any time until 6:00 PM. Find out more here.


Los Angeles Theatre Academy (LATA) is the direct after-school pick-up program with a fee. The program is dual English/Spanish. Aside from homework time, students are offered a variety of art focused classes throughout the week which include acting, dance, singing, art, and music. Students will also enjoy outdoor playtime at the new playground provided by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks as well as indoor playtime where snacks and drinks are provided, courtesy of the California Sunrise Foundation. More information can be found here.


Bellevue Recreation Center after school program is an off-site program with a fee. The program picks up kids on campus after school. Find out more here.