What are the duties of the FOM Board?

FOM was created to raise money for the school and students, facilitate communication between the school and parents, and to deepen our school’s relationship with the surrounding community. Specific duties of the Board include: creating rules and policies, setting up standing and temporary committees, approving routine bills, and preparing and submitting budgets, reports and recommendations to the membership.

What is the election process?

Elections are held at the second to last meeting of the school year, with a call for nominations one month prior to the election. Nominations may be submitted prior to the election or during the election. If nominees are unopposed, a voice vote will be conducted. A ballot vote shall be taken if more than one person is nominated to a single position.

Who is eligible to vote?

All FOM members have voting rights. FOM members include Parents/Guardians of Micheltorena Elementary School students, the Principal, Teachers, Staff members, and school volunteers.

Who is eligible to run?

All members are eligible for office.

What positions are on the Board?

  • Executive Board Officers: (See reverse side for descriptions of each elected position)

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Fundraising Chair

  • Communications Chair

  • Standing Committee Chairs

  • School Principal

  • At-Large Member/Teacher Liaison

How long is each term?

Officers are elected for two years and may serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office. Each person elected shall hold only one office at a time.

When are FOM meetings?

• Board Meetings: Regular meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year at 6:15pm at the campus. Special meetings may be called by any 2 board members, w/ 24hr notice.

• Committee Meetings – Committees shall meet once a month, apart from the Regular Meeting.

What Committees can I be involved in?

  • Fundraising

  • Beautification

  • Communications

  • Events

  • Garden

  • Volunteer