Tracy Williams


Tracy Waddles-Williams teaches Special Education for grades 3, 4, and 5. She hails from Compton, California, and earned her teaching credential and Masters in Special Education from California State University at Domiguez Hills.

Ms. Waddles-Williams worked at Pizza Hut for 17 years, and left to pursue teaching which she regards as “her true calling.”   While attending college and taking classes for her teaching credentials, she worked as a substitute teacher for two years, mostly at a special education center in San Pedro.  There, she was considered the most preferred substitute teacher as the staff saw how much she cared for her students.

Ms. Waddles-Williams’ teaching goals are to provide a caring, exciting, hands-on teaching environment that “makes my students want to become active participants in their lessons.”

Outside of teaching, she is active in her local church. Her hobbies include travelling, and she takes at least one trip per year.  Her recent travels include Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Williamsburg, Virginia, where she learned about the history of colonial America.

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